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At Golden Bear , we’re more than just a beekeeping supplies provider; we’re your partner in beekeeping success. With a passion for honeybees and a commitment to quality, we are your one-stop destination for all things beekeeping. Here’s why we’re the buzzing choice for beekeepers

Beekeeper Must Have

Professional beekeeping equipment and bee products supply

5 frame nuc telescoping top
9″ Stainless Steel Hive Tool
Uncapping knife
2 gallon beefeeders
10 Frame Metal Queen Excluder
Medium Beehive Frames and Foundations 20 Pack Honey Bee Frames with 100% Beeswax Coated Foundation Sheets
Bee Hives-Medium Super Beehive Frames and Foundations 20 Pack
10-Frame Screened Bottom Board Select Assembled

Why we are the best choice


We provide one-stop Package,Design Service and Sales Promotion guidance.


We provide formulation guidance for end-users.


We provide one-stop shopping and technology guidance for fresh beginners of beekeeping.

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In 1981, we began to work with the local beekeepers to provide the best bee products and the most convenient services

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