10 Frame Metal Queen Excluder

Material: Made of durable metal.
Structure: Consists of a grid or mesh pattern.
Frame Size: Designed to fit within a standard 10-frame beehive.
Openings: Features openings large enough for worker bees to pass through.
Queen Exclusion: Prevents the queen bee from entering honey supers.
Purpose: Used to confine the queen to the brood chamber.
Brood Chamber: Ensures the queen focuses on laying eggs in the brood chamber.
Honey Supers: Keeps honey storage areas free from brood.
Harvesting: Facilitates easier honey harvesting without contamination.
Compatibility: Suitable for beekeepers using a 10-frame hive setup.

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A metal queen excluder is a device used in beekeeping to prevent the queen bee from laying eggs in certain sections of the hive. It is a metal grid or mesh with openings that are large enough for worker bees to pass through but too small for the larger queen to fit. The purpose of a queen excluder is to confine the queen to the brood chamber, keeping her from laying eggs in honey supers.

The brood chamber is where the queen lays eggs, and worker bees raise brood (developing bees). Honey supers are additional boxes placed on top of the brood chamber where bees store surplus honey. By using a queen excluder between the brood chamber and honey supers, beekeepers can keep the brood separate from the honey storage areas. This makes it easier for beekeepers to harvest honey without worrying about brood being present in the honeycomb.

However, some beekeepers have different opinions about using queen excluders. While they can be useful for honey harvesting, some argue that they may impede the natural movement of the colony and the distribution of resources within the hive. As with many aspects of beekeeping, the use of queen excluders is a matter of personal preference and may depend on the specific goals and practices of the beekeeper.


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